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Class 8 Motor Freight, LLC is a fully-registered, insured, and authorized one-truck Independent Owner/Operator with 30-years’ of experience providing ground transportation throughout the United States and Canada, serving countless businesses, across six distinctly different sectors of trucking.

Today, C8MF focuses on a narrower market, providing non-hazardous dry van truckload service to and from the Atlanta-Chicago areas, while exclusively serving the smallest customer base possible, to deliver a highly-personalized expert service, as your personal freight concierge.

C8MF protects your business from the principal-agent vicarious liability associated with a negligent hire, (with one of the safest and longest-running individual records in the business), while providing the inherent advantages and virtues of a small business, to bring you one of the best choices and values for your logistics spend.

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Class 8
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